Welcome to the
Brandt Arbogast Farm in Harthouse, near Haguenau

Your producer of blueberries and other red fruits such as currants, blackcurrants and blackberries in the Haguenau region.

. Harvested fruit: on sale directly at the farm retail store or at our market stalls still available until end of august.
. Pick your own fruits : is closed.

Trained as a horticulturist, Agnès Brandt awaits you at her farm, the Brandt Arbogast Farm in Harthouse, near Haguenau.

Reasoned growing, seasonal fruit and vegetables, horse stabling facilities.

The Brandt Arbogast Farm has its own range of products for sale as well as produce from local growners, in its direct retail outlet on the farm.

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Le Plat de Patess’ 

All of August 2019


Mixed salads
Sautéed vegetables

Price : by weight €/Kg

Available either at the farm or at the market stands.

but also …. Pick for yourself

Discover our blueberries, redcurrants,…

Ideas and recipes

Blueberries muffins

Preparation time: 20 minutes / Cooking time: 20 - 25 minutesEasy to make / Medium / Cost: Medium Dough for 12 muffins150 g flour      100 g sugar100...

Blueberries pie

Preparation time: 30 minutes / Cooking time: 30 minutes + 10 minutesEasy to make / Medium / Cost: Medium Dough 200 g...

Strawberry charlotte

Preparation time: 1 hour / Cooling time: 6 hoursIngredients for 6 people / Medium / Cost: Medium Ingredients 140 g caster sugar 500 g strawberries 1...

Alsatian pancakes : asparagus & white sauce

Time: 30 minutes of preparation / Cooking time: 30 minutesIngredients for 4 people / Easy / Cost: medium For the asparagus1 kg of asparagusA pinch...

Rhubarb Tatin Pie

Time of preparing: 30 minutes Cooking time: 40 minutes For the garnish : 30g of butter 125g powdered sugar 1kg of rhubarb For the cookie dough :...

Dandelion salad with bacon

Time: 20 minutes of preparation / Cooking time: 10 minutes For 6 people Ingredients : 500g dandelions 200g smoked bacon from the farm 2 shallots 1...

Pumpkin / squash chicken soup

Time: 20 minutes of preparation / Cooking time: 1 hour For 6-8 people / Easy / Cost: medium Ingredients : 1 beautiful pumpkin or 1 squash per person...

Your Brandt Arbogast Farm has been certified
for the quality of its agriculture

Find all our products

The farm afforts you the opportunity to purchase all the products we grow as well as the produces of local growners in its direct retail outlet located in Harthouse, near Haguenau.

Asparagus, rhubarb, various fruits (in the summer season, blueberries, currants, blackcurrants, blackberries) and vegetables (such as beans, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, peas,…) in the winter season, cold meats (smoked farm bacon, smoked ham), jams,…

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Our stables, a haven of peace for horses

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