Brandt Arbogast Farm retail store

Come to see us and all our products in our retail store

The retail shop is located at the back of the farmyard.
It is stocked in line with the seasons with the fruit and vegetables of our “terroirs”.

The vegetable of the season !

The Sweet Potatoe 

This perennial plant can be several metres long. It has creeping stems and provides tubers with very thin skins, of more or less elongated appearance, with distinct colours depending on the variety.Everything in sweet potatoes is edible, from leaves to tubers!

Multiple nutritional values and an asset for health:

  • Rich in fibre, vitamins A, B2, B5, B6, C, minerals: copper, manganese, potassium, magnesium and beta-carotene 
  • With a low glycemic index


      Starting Friday afternoon

      Weekly, in our cooking workshop, fruits and vegetables are processed to make various dishes. 
      The meats are of French origin. The ingredients are from the local terroir. Come and discover the different prepared dishes: 
      . Pies, Terrines
      . Knepfle, potato pancakes
      . Dish of the day or catering dish
      . Various vegetable stir-fries
      . In summer, salads
      . In winter, soups, velouté,…

      The season choice the meats !



      Squash, all the winter long until spring !

      Pumpkin, butternut, spaghetti squash, Betty blue squash, musquée de Provence 

      The squash, these cucurbits, exists in many different forms, with different sizes, shapes and colours. Most varieties of squash such as butternut squash offer sweet flavours and can be prepared as a starter, main course or even as a dessert. Discover these vegetables with their extraordinary shapes!
      Squash is good for your health. Full of vitamins, fibres and other essential elements for the body. Eating squash is excellent for fighting diseases and staying fit.
      Everyone has their own tastes, everyone has their own squash! All these squashes differ in their taste and are sometimes unknown. Yet, they hide many secrets!

      The Brandt Arbogast Farm jams


      They are made with fruit and vegetables from the garden or from the regional “”terroir” .

      All ingredients are natural:  no colorants, no artificical preservatives.

      2 Versions are available : sugar and less-sugar.

      Inspired by grand’ma’s mood…

      Farmer’s bacon – Smoked ham

      Traditional know-how, salting and smoking in the old-fashioned way, as our grandmothers used to do.

      No colorants, no artificical preservatives. Vacuum packaging for smoked meats.

      Origin of the meat of smoked products :
      The Thierry Schweitzer farm in Schleithal, pigs raised on straw bedding and fed on cereals.

      Blueberries : you like in PUR JUS or SIROP ?

      No added sugar


      Low-calorie fruit, high in fibre, vitamins C and E, and essential nutrients.

      Their beautiful blue colour comes from its high content of anthocyanins, pigments with antioxidant properties. Blueberries have between 25 and 30 different antioxidants, the highest rate for a fruit.

      The PUR JUS is available in bottle of 0.50 cl and 0.25 cl.

      The SIROP is available in 0.50 cl bottle.

      Remember to fill up with vitamins and antioxidants during the winter season!

      Opening hours  

      April to August :

      Monday to Friday : 9am to 6pm
      Satuday : 9am to 4pm
      Sunday : 9am to 11am

      September to March

      Monday : 3pm to 7pm
      Tuesday : closed
      Wednesday : closed
      Thursday : closed
      Friday : from 9am to 6pm, continuously
      Saturday : from 9am to 4pm, continuously
      Sunday and public holidays : closed

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