Horse stabling facilities

A haven of peace for the horse, a safe welcome for the owner

We welcome your horses to our vast property in Harthouse.
A premier choice boarding facility for your horse.

The farm’s commitments

  • Housed, fed and cared for as a ” member of the family ”
  • Meadow grazing
  • Tack room facilities
  • Accomodation in staller with straw bedding
  • Traditional feeding (flatted corn barley, hay)
  • If necessary, a veterinary can be called
  • Provision of a quarry : for the rules, please ask at the farm.

At the owner’s expense

  • Farrier service, shearing, insurance

  • Veterinary fees

  • Pharmacy fees

  • Transport costs

  • Deworm your horse a minimum of twice a year

  • Common grazing with other horses accepted

The food for the horses in our stables, such as corn, etc., is grown by us.

We also produce the fodder and straw for our four-legged guests.

We want to be self-sufficient in food and guarantee optimal quality for the well-being of our horses.

The meadows, most of which are located in the vicinity of the farm, produce hay for the horses.

Some of the meadows are reserved for the horses to park on.

Check with the farm to find out about the terms of the boarding contract and price.
Phone nr : +33 (0)3 88 73 83 01