Horse stabling facilities

A haven of peace for the horse, a safe welcome for the owner

We welcome your horses to our vast property in Harthouse.
A premier choice boarding facility for your horse.

The farm’s commitments :


Housed, fed and cared for as a ” member of the family ”

Meadow grazing

Tack room facilities

Accomodation in staller with straw bedding

Traditional feeding (flatted corn barley, hay)

If necessary, a veterinary can be called

Provision of a quarry : for the rules, please ask at the farm.


At the owner’s expense :


Farrier service, shearing, insurance

Veterinary fees

Pharmacy fees

Transport costs

Deworm your horse a minimum of twice a year

Common grazing with other horses accepted

Check with the farm to find out about the terms of the boarding contract and price.

Phone nr : +33 (0)3 88 73 83 01