Brandt Arbogast Farm Markets

Bringing our products, our colors, our aromas, ever closer to you

You can meet with Agnès and her team at the Strasbourg Neudorf, Saverne, Philippsbourg and Haguenau markets.

Any question, call the phone nr : +33 (0)3 88 73 83 01

Strasbourg-Neudorf Market


Weekly markets :

Tuesday from 7am to 1pm
Saturday from 7am to 1pm

Address : Halle du marché couvert, Place du marché (market square), Neudorf District (near the Sainte Odile Clinic)
Parking facilities : parking around the market and 50m away from the market.

Saverne Market


Weekly markets :

Thursday from 7am to 12:30am
Address : Place du Général de Gaulle

Saturday from 7am to 12am
Address : Grand’Rue

Farmer’s Market (Marché des producteurs):

Tuesday from 4pm to 7pm
Address: Roadway Station Forecourt

Philippsbourg Market


Weekly market

Friday 3pm to 7pm

Address : Parking from the Salle Polyvalente

Haguenau Market


Gourmet market (Marché Gourmand)

Saturday from 8am to 12:30am

Address : Pedestrian Zone Forum

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