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Bakery Au pain des sables

Your farmer baker, i.e. he carries out the following stages: cereal producer, transformation of cereals into flour, bakery workshop, elaboration of sourdough bread.
Certified organic
Delivery of fresh bread as soon as it opens: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Raw vegetable salads

The raw salads are prepared according to the vegetables in season. The raw salads vary according to the vegetables available during the year and the seasons.

Pies (tourtes), quiches, terrines, pâtés lorrains

We work with fresh vegetables to make these various savoury pastries and ready meals. The meats are of French origin. The ingredients come from the local soil.

Come and discover the various savoury pastries and cooked dishes:

Pies: from farm, ‘bouchée à la reine’, to poultry, with sauerkraut, ham, vegan
Terrines: grandmother, peasant, country
Quiches : Provençal, lorraine
Pâtés lorrains : different sizes = individual, 2 people, 4 people
And depending on the season :

Pie with asparagus, duck and foie gras
Goat/spinach quiche with asparagus

Our Delicatessen

Peasant smoked bacon (Buerespack) – Smoked ham – Smoked ham nuts – smoked filet mignon – sliced smoked duck breast – White ham
Produced by the farm.

Salting and smoking is done in the old-fashioned way according to traditional know-how.
The white ham is made on the farm.
No colouring, no preservatives. Vacuum-packed.

Origin of the French meat:

Pork: Thierry Schweitzer de Schleithal farm, pigs reared on straw and fed on cereals.
Duck : Origin France (South-West)

Sausage corner

Do you like your dry sausages better :
– long, round,
– by the mile,
– to crunch, to slice, to cut ?
The varieties offered are: pure pork, bear’s garlic, with hazelnuts, with chanterelles and with comté cheese.
Only available by the piece (no cutting).
We surely have your savoury delicacy available.
Let yourself be tempted!
Direct from the butscher’shop : Boucherie Daval, Val d’Ajol.
Bonne saucissonnade !

Take away, prepared dishes

Weekly takeaway on Fridays from the Brandt Arbogast Farm. Traditional cuisine prepared by our master butcher and his team.
Every week another dish is offered which you can find on the Facebook page or Google. We ask our customers to reserve the dishes before Wednesday evening directly at the farm or at the market stall to guarantee availability.
The daily special is available for sale from Friday evening.

The suggestion!

Vacuum-packed ready-made meal. Heat the pouch for about ten minutes in simmering water. The dish will keep all its flavours.
The suggestion is a dish cooked every week on Friday by the Brandt Arbogast Farm. Traditional cuisine prepared by our master butcher and his team.
Every week another suggestion is proposed which you can find on the Facebook page or Google. We ask our customers to reserve the plas/portions before Wednesday evening directly in the shop to guarantee availability.
The suggestion is available for sale from Saturday morning.

Cocktail platter / Lunch or dinner platter / Aperitif platter

Cold trays deliciously prepared with our products, our specialities.
A wide range of products can be served on your trays: fruit, vegetables, cold meats, home-smoked ham, sausage, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk and buffalo cheese, Comté cheese, Munster cheese.
As an accompaniment, some raw salads from the farm and seasonal products!
Platter of Alsatian specialities (home-made pâté, smoked ham, etc.)
Our butcher will be able to advise you on the choice of products according to your wishes and the number of guests.
What good products to treat your guests!
On request AND on order (minimum 3 days in advance).

Potato cakes, spaetzle, various dishes as a filling for a “bouchée à la reine”

These delicatessen dishes or small ready-made meals are prepared by the kitchen throughout the week to ensure maximum freshness.
Don’t forget to taste and savour these Alsatian specialities which you will soon love.

Soups or veloutés

All year round, with a greater variety in winter, freshly made soups and cream soups are available in the refrigerated section:
. Vegetable soup,
. Pumpkin soup,
. Split pea soup, .
. Mushroom soup with ceps,
. Cream of poultry soup, …
The soups change according to the seasonality of the vegetables. Each season has its own soups!

Asparagus soups

Asparagus soup is made throughout the season in our kitchen.
Sold in 1 litre bottles.

Our Eggs

Free range eggs 1 are eggs from hens raised in the open air and fed with 100% French cereals.

Enjoy free range eggs for breakfast, in pies, cakes and cakes!

Collected from the local producer.
Delivered directly to the retail shop.

Homemade products De la plume à l’écaille

Marinated herrings and Presskopf: typical Alsatian dishes are prepared by our partner in the pure tradition.
Duck breast stuffed with foie gras and homemade smoked salmon are examples of the know-how of our partner, practised with passion.
Idea for a starter or main course: duck breast stuffed with foie gras, finely sliced and served on a salad of young shoots.
Direct from the specialist producer in the shop.

Fermented vegetable

Delicious, crunchy, colourful vegetables. All of them are entirely elaborated thanks to the unique and innovative know-how based on a lacto-fermentation process of the producer. Ready to eat, these vegetables are a colourful accompaniment to brighten up your dishes: on a slice of bread, in a salad, as a side dish or in a bowl.
Organic, French and seasonal vegetables. Home-made production in Alsace.
Unpasteurised, keep in a cool place.

Trout smoked over a wood fire

Located in the north of Alsace, our partner, Les sources du Heimbach, manages the whole production from the egg to the big trout. The fish farmer has oriented all the trout breeding towards the production of a very good quality fish, with fine, non-greasy flesh and a subtle taste.
On sale all year round in the shop.

Butchery Lutz : Click & collect

The Click & Collect of the : Butchery – Delicatessen – Catering LUTZ
All the information below or on the page of our partner. Place your orders at the butcher’s shop and collect them from the shop on the day and at the time agreed with the butcher’s sales team.

Poultry from the Pavillon de la volaille René Meyer

Products from the Alsace’s terroir.
Precise rearing conditions are indicated in the specifications submitted to the poultry breeders by our supplier.
Find 100% poultry products in the fresh produce section: smoked chicken cutlets, poultry kassler, cold cuts, presskopf, chicken snacks, etc.

Ferme Brandt Arbogast Morsbronn

17, rue de Morsbronn
Tél. : 03 88 54 02 96

Opening time :

Monday to Friday : 9:00 am to 7:00 pm - continuously
Saturday : 9:00 am to 5:00 pm - continuously
Sunday and public holidays : 9:00 am to 11:30 am

Offer from 5th to 30th of june


Superior cooked ham
Lightly smoked ham
Origin of meat : Th. Schweitzer

At the price of : 19.90 € / Kg


Valid while stocks last.

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