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Country smoked bacon (Buerespack) – Smoked ham – Smoked ham knuckles – Smoked filet mignon – Smoked duck breast, sliced – White ham
Directly from our farm.

The salting and smoking is done in the traditional way.

The white ham is produced by the farm.
No colouring, no preservatives. Vacuum-packed.

Origin of the French meat :
Pork: Thierry Schweitzer farm in Schleithal, pigs raised on straw and fed on cereals.
Duck: French origin (South West)

Pies, Quiches, Terrines, Pâtés lorrains

We work with fresh vegetables to make these various savoury pastries and cooked dishes. The meats are of French origin. The ingredients are from the local area.

Come and discover the various savoury pastries and cooked dishes:
– Pies: from the farm, from the queen, with poultry, with sauerkraut, with ham, vegan,
– Terrines: grandmother, country, country,
– Quiches: Provençal, Lorraine,
– Pâtés lorrains: different sizes = individual, 2 persons, 4 persons.

And depending on the season:
– Asparagus pie, duck and foie gras pie,
– Goat’s cheese/spinach quiche, asparagus quiche.

Raw vegetable salads

The raw salads are prepared according to the vegetables in season. The raw salads vary according to the vegetables available during the year and the seasons.

Saturday cakes, pies

Every Friday, the kitchen team prepares various cakes for the Saturday markets:
– braids
– walnut cakes, lemon, marbled
– apple pie
– pear pies
– blueberry, pear/chocolate muffins
Pastry creations change according to the availability of fruit/products.
Each season has its own fruit!
Each season, these tarts, cakes, cakes, muffins…

Soups or veloutés

Especially in winter we offer a wide variety of fresh soups and velouté made in our kitchen workshop:
. Vegetable soup,
. Pumpkin soup,
. Split pea soup, …
. Cream of mushroom soup with ceps,
. Poultry cream, .
The soups are evolving according to the seasonality of the vegetables.
Each season has its own soups!

Free range eggs nr 1

The hens are free-range and fed on local cereals. The colour of the yolk will tell you that!
The nr 1 certified free range eggs are collected by the local producer and delivered directly to the farm.
Thanks to the farm eggs, cakes, pastries, pancakes and omelettes will delight your taste buds!

Direct from the local cheese maker!

A wide range of artisanal cheeses made by our partner, master cheese maker Mathieu.
These cheeses are made in his workshop with cow’s milk from the region (Bas-Rhin). He favours local and high quality raw materials in order to offer you cheeses with a unique taste.
Let yourself be tempted by the discovery of fresh cheeses, flavoured tommes, raclettes from the Alsatian region made by our local artisanal cheese factory.

Fresh pasteurised whole milk, cow’s milk yoghurts

Direct from our partner, the Ritterwald farm! Farmer specialised in cereal cultivation and the breeding of dairy cows.
The farm is situated in a beautiful green area where the cows graze happily. The cows are fed with organic cereals, grown directly on the farm.
The farm is certified organic, PDO Munster.

Fresh goat cheese

The Steinbach Farm is located in the heart of the Northern Vosges. It is in this warm setting that the different varieties of fresh goat cheese are made.
Goat’s cheese is an essential product on the cheese board, but it is also used in many culinary preparations.
The range of goat’s cheese is very wide. If you have any special wishes, just ask us.

Mozzarella, mozzarella pearls

The Domaine des Bufflonnes produces artisanal and original products. All the cheeses and yoghurts (120g and 300g) are made from the milk of the buffalos and are processed directly on the farm.
The entire production chain, from the animals to their feeding, reproduction and product development is controlled by the buffalo farm.
To be enjoyed with tomatoes, green salads, … well, each to his own.

Ewe’s milk cheese

The Huchot farm is located in the north of Alsace. The farm is dedicated to the breeding of sheep. The flock is composed of ewes and rams.
The Huchot farm offers products made from sheep’s milk (fresh cheeses made from raw milk, faisselle, fromage blanc, yoghurts and ice cream).
The shop is regularly restocked by our partner. A maximum of freshness for an optimal taste!

Raclette, the raclette cheese

Cheese directly from the Fruiterie de Frasne (Jura). During the season, we offer for sale :
– Raclette in pieces made from raw milk,
– Young Comté,
– Old Comté.

The ideal accompaniment :
– potatoes,
– white ham, smoked ham, smoked bacon, smoked filet mignon,
– gherkins (Alélor)
is available in the farm shop or at the market.

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Asparagus pie

Serves 3 or 4 (depending on appetite)


Price: 11.90 € per piece


Valid from 1st to 31th of may 2024 while stocks last.

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