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Cocktail platter / Lunch or dinner platter / Aperitif platter

Cold trays deliciously prepared with our products, our specialities.
A wide range of products can be served on your trays: fruit, vegetables, cold meats, home-smoked ham, sausages, cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk, buffalo milk, Comté cheese, Munster cheese, etc.
As an accompaniment, some raw salads from the farm and seasonal products!
Platter of Alsatian specialities (home-made pâté, smoked ham,…)
Our butcher will be able to advise you on the choice of products according to your wishes and the number of guests.
What good products to treat your guests!
On request AND on order (minimum 3 days in advance).

Farmer’s bacon – Smoked ham – Smoked ham nut – Smoked filet mignon – Smoked duck breast – White ham

⇒ Traditional know-how, salting and smoking in the old-fashioned way, as our grandmothers used to do.
⇒ White ham.
No colorants, no artificical preservatives. Vacuum packaging.

Origin of the meat of smoked products :
The Thierry Schweitzer farm in Schleithal, pigs raised on straw bedding and fed on cereals.

Smoked duck breast
Meat of French origin.

Pies, quiches, terrines, meat pies from Lorraine (pâtés lorrains), fricadelles

In our kitchen workshop, fresh vegetables are cooked to make these various savoury pastries. The meats are of French origin. The ingredients come from the local area.
Come and discover the different cooked dishes:
. Pies: from the farm, the queen, with chicken, sauerkraut, ham, vegan
. Terrines: grandmother, peasant, country
. Quiches : Provençal, Lorraine
. Pâtés lorrains: different sizes = individual, 2 persons, 4 persons
. Fricadelles with or without potatoes

Pending on the season:
. A
sparagus pie, duck pie with foie gras
. Goat/spinach quiche, asparagus quiche.

Many other dishes are available depending on the season such as :
– cooked sauerkraut
– cooked salted turnips
– cooked red cabbage

Ask the sales team for more information!

Potato pancakes, spaetzle, raw vagetable salads, queen bite filling (garniture pour bouchée à la reine) 

The various cooked dishes or small delicatessen dishes are cooked with fresh seasonal vegetables from the local area in our kitchen. The meats are of French origin.

Come and discover the different cooked dishes:
. Potato pancakes
. Spaetzle the ‘old-fashioned’ way
. Multiple raw vegetable salads made with seasonal vegetables
. Queen bite filling with or without ‘vol-au-vent’ (homemade)

Depending on the season, we elaborate especially for the weekend :
. Stuffed cabbage,
. Small dish of the day or delicatessen dish
. Various pan-fried vegetables!

Asparagus in brine

If you are missing asparagus, we have the solution!

We have packed asparagus in brine in jars during the season.

Make the most of it, as stock is limited!

Pickled herrings

Our partner, De la plume à l’écaille, not far from the farm, transforms natural herrings into marinated herrings according to local traditional know-how.
A speciality of the Alsatian region. To be tasted and enjoyed with potatoes!

Asparagus soup

Made during the asparagus season. Simply heat up the soup.
Packaged in 1 litre bottles.
Ideal for the winter period.

Mustards, Alsatian mayonnaise, horseradish, gherkins

Alélor, an Alsatian producer, aims to perpetuate and develop the ancestral know-how of creating mustards, horseradish and condiments.
The variety of flavours of the spicy, sweet and sour, perfumed, powerful and tasty condiments… the products of this Alsatian brand will surprise you.

Trout smoked over a wood fire

Located in the north of Alsace, our partner, Les sources du Heimbach, manages the whole production from the egg to the big trout. The fish farmer has oriented all the trout breeding towards the production of a very good quality fish, with fine, non-greasy flesh and a subtle taste.
On sale all year round in the shop.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Vale Douro Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an olive oil extracted from the Bical, Verdeal and Conbrançosa olive varieties, organically grown in the heart of the mountains of the Alto Douro region of Portugal. This elixir among olive oils is not subjected to any chemical or thermal treatment. Its production is totally natural, respectful of our planet and of your nutritional well-being. This organic extra virgin olive oil has a very fruity and fresh taste, with a strong aroma of fresh olives, herbs and tomatoes. On the palate, this organic extra virgin olive oil has a spicy and persistent exuberance, with notes of olive leaves and sweet almond, with a harmonious and quite long finish. This oil can be used for cooking, vinaigrette and marinades. This certified organic extra virgin olive oil has won several gold medals in competitions and has been adopted by top chefs.
The organic production is reserved exclusively for the distribution network.

Organic rapeseed oil

The Lienhart oil mill produces the rapeseed organically around the production site. The seeds are then carefully processed to ensure that the oil is of the highest possible quality. Rapeseed oil is a good source of vitamin E and omega-3-6-9 fatty acids. Rapeseed oil is suitable for daily consumption.
Give your body a boost, fill up on energy with organic rapeseed oil: omega 3, omega 6, omega 9 and vitamin E.
This organic rapeseed oil is produced in Alsace: from the field to the plate, 100% Alsatian.

Belsia crisps

Belsia artisanal crisps are handmade from high quality potatoes and cooked in olive oil. They are available in various flavours, such as plain, herbes de Provence and paprika, to suit different tastes. Belsia artisanal crisps are made without preservatives or artificial flavours, making them a healthy choice for snacking. They are also packed in reusable bags for a minimal environmental footprint. Belsia’s artisanal chips offer a crunchy and delicious flavour that makes them perfect for parties, nights out or just for a quick snack.
Various flavours are available for purchase.

Organic unleavened bread – Organic unleavened bread cakes

Unleavened bread is flour and water. That’s all there is to it!
Unleavened bread is an unleavened bread (does not contain leaven). It is baked in the oven in a very short time. It is a very tasty crisp. Discover the organic unleavened wheat bread.
For a snack, as an accompaniment to an aperitif or at mealtimes, think of the extra crispy wafers produced with French spelt, 0% added sugar, fat and yeast, source of fibre, 100% vegetable.
3 varieties of organic patties are available in shop: spelt/lentils/carrots, rye/rosemary/chilli and buckwheat/salt.
Tips: To make your patties even crispier, heat them up for a minute in your toaster! To release the full-bodied aroma of the cereals, open the bag 5 minutes before eating.
Store in a cool, dry place.


A range of healthy, nutritious and delicious aperitif crackers, seed spreads and granolas. The seeds used are activated and everything is dried at low temperature. Certified organic, the products have no added sugar or fat. The foods created contain only the sugar and fat naturally present in the ingredients used.
The seeds used (buckwheat, cashew, sunflower, almond, hazelnut, etc.) are activated. This operation increases the digestibility of the ingredients and their assimilation.
The entire range is made by hand in Alsace.

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