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The kitchen

The kitchen team consists of a master butcher/caterer, a cook and an cook assistant. Smoking and cooking are carried out in accordance with the regulations in force. The delicatessen dishes are packaged :

  • in sealed trays,
  • to reheat the vacuum-packed dish, simply immerse it in simmering water for about ten minutes. Then cut the top of the pouch with scissors and pour the hot dish into your container.

Remember to reserve your takeaway before Wednesday evening.

Catering dishes

The cooked dishes are prepared on the farm by the team of our master butcher and caterer. The ingredients are mainly from the Alsatian region, from the farm and its local partners.

Available all year round
– In charcuterie :
terrine paysanne, terrine grand’mère, terrine de campagne, dry sausage, charcuterie platter (to order)
– Savoury pastries :
Lorraine pâté (different sizes), Lorraine quiche, onion tart, Franc-Comtois puff pastry, aperitif pâté, pâté en croûte
– In salads :
potato, coleslaw, carrot and egg salad, museau, pot au feu, celery remoulade, carrots, Alsatian, Italian, cervelas, aperitif raw vegetable platter (to order)
– In cooked dishes :
old-fashioned spaetzle, potato pancakes, tzatziki, cheese quenelles, bouchée à la reine filling, old-fashioned ravioli/mushroom ravioli, fricadelle with fried potatoes, roast chicken leg, fleischschnacka, plain fricadelle, bibeleskaes, farmhouse lasagne, endives with ham, pan-fried vegetables, mashed potatoes with herbs, mashed potatoes, mashed carrots, mashed spinach, chicken nuggets, tomato sauce, tomato basil sauce
– Daily specials: see the website under the tab ‘menus’.
navarin of lamb, pork kidneys in sauce, chicken wok with vegetables, palette à la diable, Hungarian goulash, osso buco, salted turnips with sauce, roast beef with sauce, leg of venison, veal kidneys in sauce, couscous with sauce, sauté of pork with herbs, veal marengo, couscous vegetables, sauerkraut with sauce, blanquette de veau, coq au vin, pork cutlet from the Vosges, beef tongue in sauce, chicken with curry, potée lorraine garnie, kassler with Madeira sauce, fennel compote, roast pork with cream sauce, beef bourguignon, pork cheek, old-fashioned paupiettes, gyros and its sauces
– As a suggestion: consult the site under the tab ‘ menus ‘.
– For the festive season: consult the site under the tab ‘Festivals’ (Christmas, New Year, Easter)
Snails in shell, snail croustade, scallops, seafood, duck foie gras, ham in crust (on order all year round)
– In sweet pastry :
brownie, marble cake / lemon cake / walnut cake / pear-hazelnut cake, chocolate cake, muffins, cottage cheese pie


Available in season:
– In savoury pastry:
salmon pie, asparagus pie, fish pie, asparagus quiche, salmon/scallop pie, salmon/scallop pie
– In salads: cucumbers, radishes, pesto pasta, tabbouleh, asparagus, lentils, beetroot, ham pasta, tuna rice, Mexican, flavoured quinao, beans
– In soups: cream: mushrooms / poultry / celery, velouté: asparagus / sweetness (vegan) / butternut / cauliflower / broccoli-cabbage, soups: spinach / vegetables / farm peas / pumpkin / courgette / lentils / detox / leek, bohnesupp, bohneschlupp, riwelesupp, gazpacho provençale
– In ready meals :
pan-fried sun vegetables / farm beans / cabbage with bacon / asparagus, cooked sauerkraut, cooked red cabbage, potée lorraine, ratatouille, sun vegetable purée / butternut / sweet potato / pumpkin / celery / cauliflower-brocoli , cooked salted turnips, asparagus lasagne, cooked kassler, spicy chicken breast, roast beef with rump steak, pork filet mignon, roast chicken drumstick, stuffed cabbage, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed courgettes, asparagus risotto, courgettes à la provençale, gratin with forgotten vegetables / asparagus, forestry pastry, fusillis with grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes with wild garlic
– In sweet pastry :
homemade bredele in balotin / bulk (different kinds), cookies, galette des rois, fresh fruit méli mélo, pear tart / mirabelle plum / questsches / rhubarb / rhubarb meringue / blueberries / apples / blueberry fromage blanc

Smoked deli meats

The origin of the pig meat for the smoked sausages is the Thierry Schweitzer farm in Schleithal. The pigs are fed with local cereals and a bed on straw. The entire smoking process is carried out on the farm using traditional know-how. The smokehouses comply with the regulations in force.

Available all year round: white ham, smoked bacon, smoked filet mignon, smoked ham nuts, charcuterie platter (on order).


Fruits from the farm or from partner farms whose ripening is ideal for jams or jellies are used in the making. Our jams are made with or without pieces, with less sugar depending on the type, plain or mixed according to the mood of grandma and her ‘apprentice jam maker’. Home-made production depending on the fruit harvest.

Available all year round while stocks last:
blueberries, rhubarb, rhubarb/plums/strawberries/bananas/orange, strawberries, blackberries, red fruits, apricots, peaches, plums, mirabelle plums, pears, vanilla pears, quince jelly/raspberries/currants
Less sugar: mrytilles, strawberries, red fruits, raspberries


Juice, syrup, nectar and liqueur make up our range of farm drinks with and without alcohol. Our production of fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, … allows the pressing of juice without added sugar.

A pure pleasure!