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Fresh goat cheese

The Steinbach Farm is located in the heart of the Northern Vosges. The goat cheeses are all made in this warm setting. Goat’s cheese is an essential product on the cheese board, but it is also used in many culinary preparations.
The range of goat cheeses is very wide: plain, with spices, garlic, buchette, crottin. You are sure to find what you are looking for, and if you have any special wishes, don’t forget to ask the manager.

Mozzarella, mozzarella pearls

The Domaine des Bufflonnes produces artisanal and original products. Its cheeses, yoghurts (120g and 300g), etc. are made from the milk of the buffalo and processed directly on the farm.
The entire production chain, from the animals to their feeding, reproduction and product development is controlled by the buffalo farm.
To be enjoyed with tomatoes, green salads, … well, each to his own.
Direct from the producer to the consumer!

Ewe’s milk cheese

The sheepfold is located in the north of Alsace. The farm is dedicated to the breeding of ewes and rams. The Huchot farm offers products made from sheep’s milk (fresh cheeses made from raw milk, faisselle, fromage blanc, yoghurts and ice cream).
The shop is regularly restocked by our partner farm to guarantee maximum freshness and optimal flavour!

Fresh pasteurised whole milk, cow’s milk yoghurts

The Ritterwald farm is situated in a magnificent green area where the cows graze happily. The cows are fed with organic cereals, grown directly on the farm.
The farm is certified organic, PDO Munster.

Direct for the local Cheese Maker

Artisanal cheeses made by our partner, a master cheese-maker.
These cheeses are made in his workshop with cow’s milk from the region (Bas-Rhin).

Les Fromages de Mathieu favours local and high quality raw materials in order to offer you cheeses with a unique taste.
Let yourself be tempted by the discovery of its fresh cheeses, its flavoured tommes, and the munsters from our local artisanal cheese factory. 

Small raw milk Munster géromé

From the Schuster cheese dairy, manufacturer and ripener of cheeses (PDO)
Munster cheese matured on a wooden board in the cheese dairy’s cellars.

Raclette cheese, raclette

Direct from the Fruiterie de Frasne located in the Jura.
Various varieties of Jura cheese are available for sale, such as raw milk raclette in pieces or sliced, Comté cheese: young or old, tomme cheese in pieces (vacuum-packed) and morbier cheese in pieces (vacuum-packed).

Home made ice cream

Tradition at the service of a pure local product! The Limon Farm focuses on the gourmet ice cream delights of the local area. All the ice creams are made according to traditional recipes, using fresh pasteurised milk produced on the farm and natural, locally grown ingredients: fruit from the orchard or forest, nuts and dried fruit, spices and condiments.
No preservatives or artificial colours are added.
Homemade ice cream for diabetics
Frozen delicacies that are full of Alsatian flavour. Let yourself be tempted by ice creams, sorbets, … !

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