Catering dishes and suggestions

Discover the dishes of Patess

All ready-made meals are prepared by the farm.
The catered dishes are available at the markets (Strasbourg-Neudorf or Saverne), at the Harthouse shop, at the Morsbronn shop and at the Froeschwiller distributors.
Remember to book your dishes 2 days in advance directly at the shop or with the market sales team.

Discover the catering dishes

The dishes of the day or delicatessen dishes are either packaged in sealed trays or vacuum-packed in a pouch (the pouch just needs to be heated for about ten minutes in simmering water).

In the Froeschwiller dispensers, you will find the weekly menus below, but also ready-made dishes with a side dish (for example: Osso bucco with rice with small vegetables, veal marengo with carrot purée, hash browns, …).

On the menu:

Tuesday 5th of December :
Veal marengo with carrot purée :  11.90 € / dish

Saturday 9h of December :
Hungarian stew with mashed potatoes : 9.90 € / dish

Tuesday 12th of December : 
Shepherd’s pie : 15.90 € / kg

Saturday 16th of December :
Pork cheek and rice with vegetables : 9.90 € / dish

Tuesday 19th of December :
Kassler with mustard sauce and leek stew : 9.10 € / dish

Saturday 23rd of December :
Beef roast with home-made spaetzle : 11.90 € / dish

Tuesday 26th of December : No dish

Saturday 30th of December :
Chicken wok with vegetables and Chinese noodles : 9.90 € / dish

Tuesday 2nd of January : No dish

Saturday 6th of January :
Sliced chicken curry with rice and vegetables : 8.90 € / dish