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Flour from the Fritz Mill

For 6 generations, surrounded by water and on the edge of the Haguenau forest, the FRITZ Mill, “la Weyermühle”, the “Moulin de l’étang”, has been producing a wide variety of conventional and organic traditional flours. The flours are exclusively made from wheat harvested by our local cereal growers in Northern Alsace.
The FRITZ Mill is a small, independent regional mill.
Various varieties are available in the shop. If you do not find the one you need, do not hesitate to ask the sales team who will be able to order it from the miller.


Les Butineuses de Dorothée is a beekeeping farm located in Alsace Bossue in the Vosges du Nord Regional Nature Park. From spring to the end of summer, the beekeeper is in direct contact with nature and the bees: development of the colonies, prevention of swarming, breeding of queens, transhumance and harvesting.
In addition to harvesting, the beekeeper must also manage the extraction of honey.
The hives are generally ready to be wintered in early autumn after having been well fed so that they can top up their reserves if necessary in order to spend the winter in peace and quiet and enjoy a well-deserved rest.
Autumn is devoted to potting.

The Brandt Arbogast Farm jams

 They are made with fruit and vegetables from the garden or from the regional “”terroir” .
All ingredients are natural:  no colorants, no artificical preservatives.
2 Versions are available : sugar and less-sugar.

Inspired by grand’ma’s mood…

Bonbons des Vosges

Artisanal production of genuine Vosges sweets.
The candies are made with raw materials from France, quality and proximity.
The flavouring is based on essential oils and natural aromas.
Baked over an open fire in a copper cauldron.
From cooking to flavouring, from kneading to moulding and finally packaging, everything is done at the producer’s.
Let yourself be tempted and taste the sweets of yesteryear, the sweets of our grandparents!

Teas, herbal teas or rooibos from Comptoir Français du Thé

Discover the best combinations and harmonies of tastes from Comptoir Français du Thé in the shop!
The most elegant flavours from organic teas, infusions or rooïbos, blended and packaged in Alsace in the producer’s workshops.
The benefits of tea :
– action on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems,
– digestion,
– on the mind.
Certified organic products! Refillable bags.

Coffees SATI

Respect for partners, protection of the environment and development of a range of products with double certification: organic and fair trade.
For the assurance of optimal and constant quality.
The quality of the products is guaranteed by the care taken by ‘ Les cafés SATI  ‘ Coffees in all the steps necessary to make the best coffees.
From the cherry of the coffee tree to the cup of coffee, know-how, skills and experience are the watchwords of our quality approach.

Bredele or Christmas cakes

Handmade on the farm.
Our range of bredele includes about ten different types.
Sold in bags or in boxes.

Jacques Bockel Chocolates

Chocolatier and cocoa roaster
From the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar: the mastery of a know-how that only a small handful of chocolate makers possess, in France as in the world.
Direct from Saverne.
On sale at the shop


Milk chocolate spread made in Alsace by the Jacques Bockel chocolate factory.
Hazelnut spread from the Piedmont region. Ingredients: 46.6% hazelnut from the Piedmont region, sugar (33%), skimmed milk powder (13%), rapeseed oil (4%), cocoa powder (3%), sunflower lecithin (0.40%).
As palm oil is not used to saturate the spread, hazelnut oil crystals may appear on the surface, but this in no way alters the quality of the product. Stir it up, here we go again!
Sold in jars: 250g and 500g

Saturday cakes, cakes

Every Friday, the kitchen team prepares various cakes for the Saturday markets:
– braids
– walnut cakes, lemon, marbled
– apple pie
– pear pies
– blueberry, pear/chocolate muffins
Pastry creations change according to the availability of fruit/products.
Each season has its own fruit! Each season, these tarts, cakes, muffins…


The love of good gingerbread and the pleasure of sharing it is the story of the Fortwenger family, artisan gingerbread makers for 200 years.
You can find Fortwenger specialities in the shop: gingerbread in different forms, stolle, gingerbread bredele, Saint Nicolas in gingerbread (like my grandmother’s), …

King’s cakes

Frangipane or apple
2 sizes: 4 parts or 6 parts
Made and cooked entirely on the farm with local products (flour, eggs, etc.)
Can only be eaten at the beginning of January, around Epiphany.

Nougat – Ulrich pastry shop

You haven’t yet tasted all the flavours of the pastry shop’s delicious homemade nougats. That’s a shame!
Indeed, we offer you an assortment of six flavours (speculos, chocolate, plain, mm’s, nutella, pistachio) to delight all your palates.

Easter lamb or lamele (traditional Alsatian cake)

For Easter, the lamele or lamala (depending on whether you are in the north or south of Alsace) is eaten for breakfast or dessert. The ‘lamele’ is a lamb biscuit made only before and during the Easter holidays in Alsace.
At the farm, the pastry chef is in charge of putting together a flock for the weekend. Remember to order by Thursday evening at the latest.
Traditional Alsatian production (in clay moulds).
Available in shops or at markets.

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