Strawberry charlotte

Preparation time: 1 hour / Cooling time: 6 hours /
Ingredients for 6 pers. / Medium / Cost: Medium


140 g caster sugar
500 g strawberries
1 lemon
1 tablespoon strawberry alcohol
40 cl of liquid cream
6 gelatin leaves
1 packet of vanilla sugar
26 spoon biscuits
ice cubes


Prepare a syrup by bringing 15 cl of water and 80 g of sugar to a boil. Remove from the heat and let cool, then add the strawberry alcohol.

Soak the gelatin in a bowl of cold water.

Wash and remove the stalks from the strawberries and put 8 whole strawberries aside, put the other strawberries in a blender with the lemon juice and blend until you have a smooth purée. Transfer this purée to a colander to collect the coulis and retain the grains.

Take a quarter of this coulis and gently heat it in a saucepan, adding the wrung gelatin and the remaining sugar.

Then mix the resulting (hot) coulis with the cold coulis. Let cool to room temperature.

Put the liquid cream in a bowl and then in the freezer for 20 min. then whip it so as to obtain a “whipped cream”. Add the vanilla sugar, stir gently and put in a cool place.

Place the coulis container in a larger container filled with ice cubes. Stir the coulis until it thickens. At this point, remove it from the ice cubes and add the whipped cream by turning gently. Leave at room temperature.

Cut the 8 strawberries set aside in their height. Line the bottom and walls of the pan with soaked cookies (quick) in syrup (cut them if necessary). For the walls: curved side against the mould

Pour in one third of the cream and sprinkle with chopped strawberries (half).

Cover with the second third of the cream, place the remaining cut strawberries on top. Finish with the last third of the cream. Finish with a layer of cookies (always soaked in syrup).

Put plastic film on the dish and leave in the fridge for 6 hours (one night is ideal) before unmolding.

Author’s note:
I use a small fluted brioche mould and not a charlotte mould. To facilitate demolding, if necessary soak the mould in hot water for a few minutes. The recipe can, given its length, discourage you but I assure you, it is worth it!